Electricity is essential to our daily lives. Knowing what to do in an emergency or accident could save your or your family’s life. The following will teach you how to safely use electricity, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Stay safe when indoors:

  • Never use an electrical device close to a source of water.
  • Don’t touch anything that’s electric with wet hands or while standing on a wet floor.
  • Remember to never overload an outlet or use the wrong extension cord, which can cause an electrical fire.
  • NEVER insert objects or fingers into an outlet or socket.
  • NEVER leave appliances or space heaters plugged in and running unattended.
  • Use a flashlight if the power goes out. Using lanterns or candles can unintentionally spark fires.
  • Make an escape plan with your family so you know where to go in case of a fire or other emergency.

Stay safe when outdoors:

  • NEVER play near substations, transformers or power lines.
  • NEVER climb trees or objects near power lines.
  • Remind your parents to keep ladders, tools and scaffolds at least 10’ away from power lines, if working outside.
  • STAY AWAY from any downed power lines! If you see a downed line call 911 immediately and let an adult know.
  • Don’t fly a kite or hold any object that could act as a conductor in bad weather.
  • NEVER stay in a swimming pool, a body of water, or near trees during storms.
  • Make sure you and your parents are using an approved outdoor cord if powering an object outside, and keep that object well away from standing water.
  • NEVER play around with meters or other electrical equipment on buildings.

If someone gets shocked:

  • Yell for an adult and have them unplug the source, or turn off the power from the breaker.
  • Call 911 immediately to report the accident. Remember to call 911 if you ever spot a downed power line or any other emergency, as well.
  • NEVER touch a person who is shocked! It’s very likely you could get shocked, too.

If there’s an electrical fire:

  • Yell for an adult and call 911 immediately. Have the adult put out the fire with a chemical fire extinguisher.
  • NEVER throw water on an electrical fire, as this could make the fire worse.
  • Follow the evacuation plan you and your family have in place to ensure you all get out safely.