Natural gas is a clean, domestic fuel source that is abundantly available in the United States. Using imported oil to generate electricity is roughly five times more expensive than using natural gas. To help keep money here at home, we continue to invest in domestic natural gas instead of foreign oil. And, those investments are in fuel-efficient, natural gas-fired energy centers to provide clean, reliable power and help keep our typical residential bills low.  

Over the last decade, we’ve retired coal-powered plants and modernized many of our older oil-burning power plants with new natural gas-fired plants. And, we’re not stopping there!

We’ve built the Okeechobee Clean Energy Center to help meet the energy needs of Florida’s growing population and expanding economy. This new energy center is one of the cleanest, most efficient facilities of its kind in the world.

Plans are also underway to modernize the existing Lauderdale Plant located in Broward County with a new state-of-the-art natural gas power plant. When completed, this new facility, the FPL Dania Beach Clean Energy Center, will run on clean, U.S.-produced natural gas and generate enough energy to power approximately 250,000 homes.  

Using domestic natural gas instead of foreign oil to generate power is saving FPL customers billions of dollars on fuel. In fact, since 2001 customers have saved nearly $10 billion on fuel through FPL’s efficient natural gas power plants. By bringing online additional efficient, cleaner power plants in the next few years, customers will continue to save money on fuel costs.